Scope of Works


Highway bridges;
Railway bridges;
Composite bridges;
Road interchanges;
Viaducts and flyovers;

Underground structures;
Embankment and mooring;
Retaining walls;
Reinforced mounds;
Foundations in close condition;

Buildings of different heights;
Sophisticated roofs;
Airports, railway stations;
Sports arenas e.g. stadiums;
& other special structure.

General design

Development of construction technology of bridge and transport structures;
Development of projects for special auxiliary construction and devices (SAC&D);
Development of method statements (MS);
Development of construction method statements (CMS);
Development of projects for renovation and repair of bridge and transport structures;
Design of monitoring systems for complex engineering structures;
Sophisticated engineering analysis;
Aerodynamic analysis;
Development of technical and economic feasibility study;
Financial estimates;
Engineering supervision;
Protection of intellectual property articles;
Development of justification of radiation and nuclear protection;
Structural monitoring of construction & service periods;
Technical supervision;
Field supervision.