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Motorway M-12 stage 7


Construction of new speedy motorway М-12 “Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod – Kazan”, Stage N7, within 586 –663 km plus bridge crossing over the Volga River, Republic of Tatarstan (started from Federal Road A-151 “Cilisk - Ulyanovsk” up to Р241 “ Kazan - Buinsk - Ulyanovsk” up to intersection with regional road “Sorochy Gory – Shaly”) is being conducted over
two districts of Chuvash Republic and three districts of Tatarstan with detour of the entire settlements as well as 2 Transportation interchanges arrangement.

Our motorway assumes of a large radius curves, optimal longitudinal slopes and vertical transition curves at the sections of the profile fracture to ensure comfort of motorists regarding intersections with existing roads of various levels. Two stages of construction are being designed. Total length of motorway – 82.051 km

Structures as a part of the project:

  • artificial structures, with bridges, viaducts and biocrossings plus driveways for agricultural vehicles – 35 pcs
  • sound barriers – 13.023 km

Work on the Project:

  • set of survey works:
    • engineering and geodetic survey
    • engineering and geological survey
    • engineering and hydro-meteorological survey
    • environment survey
    • removal of explosive materials
    • archeological and cultural survey
    • intersections survey
    • buildings and structures survey within designated lot
    • documentation preparation
  • WD preparation
  • Technical supervision

Federal Enterprise “Russian Motoroads”

Design Period:

General Contractor:
ООО Transstroymechanizasiya

Construction Period:



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M-12 stage 7